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When It Rains It Pours

flood insurance

When it rains it pours, and sometimes the damage of water can be more aggressive than you thought.  We’ve seen news footage of homes being swept off their foundations and being engulfed by water.  Pennsylvania is one of the most flood-prone states in the nation, according to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

When deciding if you need flood insurance, it’s a question of location, location, location.

If flooding is a strong possibility in your community, it is important to make sure you’re protected. Remember, your homeowner’s policy does not cover flood damage. You must purchase a separate policy.

To help you protect your residence or commercial building, The Weimer Group has partnered with a top rated insurance carrier to offer flood insurance to our clients.

Are you in doubt that you might be in a flood area?  To find out if your home sits in an area that is prone to flooding, askus!  We can provide with information regarding your flood risk and zone, plus provide you with a quote!   If you live in a rural area or one where elevations vary greatly, visit the flood map section of

While most homeowners insurance is set up to get your home and belongings back to their pre-loss state, flood insurance is designed to simply get you back on your feet — it’s not as comprehensive as most homeowners policies.

Flood insurance doesn’t cover basement improvements like walls, floors or ceilings and personal belongings that are kept in the basement. It does usually cover washers and dryers, food freezers and the food inside. Water tanks, oil tanks, furnaces, stairways, unpainted drywall and sheet rock walls and ceilings are generally covered as well.

The Weimer Group encourages all our clients to look into getting both building and content coverage.

If you do purchase flood insurance, study your policy thoroughly so there will be no surprises. Since it may take some time before a flood insurance payment arrives, it’s a good idea to have some emergency funds available to see you through.

Flood insurance policies have at least a 30-day waiting period before they take effect (Note: this is not the case when refinancing or going to a new closing). Start the process now — before the waters start to rise.

For more information, contact The Weimer Group and speak to you agent at either the Harleysville Office: 215-723-908 or Perkasie Office: 215-257-9171.

Finding Out What’s Right for You


Get a quote online, call now, get a quote in 15 minutes.  Pretty appealing slogans, right?  But in the rush to give you numbers fast, many insurance companies are missing the point.

At The Weimer Group, we’d rather take the time to get to know you.  More time than just 15 minutes.  Why?  Because we know you’re not like anyone else.  You have different hopes, needs, dreams, wants, risks and concerns that make you unlike any other person on the planet.

Take homeowners insurance.  In a quickie quote, someone might not understand that you need sewer coverage in case that massive storm drain backs up onto your property.  Or they might not know that your love of collecting art might require an additional “floater” policy.  But when we sit down and talk, we know these things.  And then we make sure you get the coverage that’s right for you.

Let’s stop rushing to get fast insurance, and make sure we get right insurance.  We’ll do business with you the way you want to do business.  We’ll help you by insuring your home with an ErieSecure Home policy that makes sense for who you are, what you value and what you want to protect.

For more information on ErieSecure, contact The Weimer Group about your PA homeowners insurance today.

Or stop by one of our two locations in Bucks and Montgomery Counties and sit down with us!  Find out what makes us different than the rest.

Nine Reasons to Check Your Coverage


Going to the doctor for a checkup is a chore for some of us.  To suggest a checkup of your insurance coverage may seem daunting and confusing but it is something you shouldn’t put off.  As our lives change so do our insurance needs.  Contacting your agent regarding these changes ensures that you have adequate insurance coverage.  The following are some examples of when to check your coverage:

  1. You’re remodeling or building an addition to your property. When you hire the contractor, request a certificate of insurance to confirm their liability and workers’ compensation coverages. Review the certificate and your homeowners policy with our agency. In some cases, remodeling projects can increase your home’s reconstruction cost.
  2. Your teen starts driving. If a teenager in your home is learning how to drive, that means you’ll soon need to help them purchase insurance. We can guide you through the process, find the best way to add them to your policy and provide materials about safe driving behavior.  Here are eight ways to cut insurance costs for teen drivers brought you by Kiplingers.
  3. You got a new job. If you have accepted a position and the work commute is shorter or longer, call us. A significant change in annual mileage could warrant a change in your auto policy. (And that could save or cost you money.)
  4. You bought a new ride. If you’ve purchased or leased a new or used vehicle, your insurance policy needs to be updated. Car dealers are required by law to confirm insurance coverage, but only you can make the necessary changes to your policy to make sure you’re fully protected.
  5. You’re saving a buck with refinancing. When you’re taking advantage of lower interest rates by refinancing your home or vehicle, your policy should be updated to reflect any new mortgagee or lienholder.
  6. Your family’s growing and changing. When you get married or welcome a new baby to the family, the new responsibilities may warrant a change in your home, auto and life insurance coverage.
  7. You’ve bought a little luxury. When you purchase valuables such as a diamond ring or a rare piece of art, you should contact your agent. Your homeowners policy covers personal belongings and furnishings, but higher-valued items may have coverage limitations. An endorsement may be advisable for more costly or unusual items.
  8. You’ve decided to work from home. If you’re starting a business out of your house, let us know. Depending on the equipment and the nature of your work, an endorsement or separate policy may be necessary to protect your investment and liability exposures.
  9. It’s time to retire. Ready to kick back and relax? We can help you maximize the benefits of your retirement plan with a life insurance program.

No matter what you’re considering, contact The Weimer Group and we will assist you with your life, auto, home, or business insurance policy needs.  For more information about this topic, or to get some answers about your current insurance situation, please visit our virtual insurance agency at, stop by one of our two locations, or give us a call at 888.304.6678.


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